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For the Love of People

HJAELP was established in 2020 to connect skilled Hjaelpers, with people and businesses in need - worldwide.

We’ve spent over a year evaluating how we work, and how we can improve this with a decentralized, service marketplace that lets Hjaelpers, as we call them, easily show, sell, and manage their skills. They get to keep 100% of their earnings, even more for great performance.


This “talent pool” and “asset pool” of everything you can possibly think of, will be available for consumers, and businesses to search, book and get the job done. Simply fill their needs quicker, and cheaper than ever before.

Our groundbreaking low fees are only possible by being built on decentralized protocols, such as our native currency, HJAELPCOIN.

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It’s not a surprise that traditional work is outdated, it’s been like that for a while. But during the pandemic, millions of people started demanding their own work schedule, location, and benefits.

At HJAELP we embrace that 100%!

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It takes the world's best talent to change the game.