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The Future of Work isn't Corporate. It's HJAELP.

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Hottest currency on the block

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A fast, easy and fun solution! We're mixing "actual work" with play-to-earn - and people love it. It’s pretty simple - discover, or search thousands of services - all carefully vetted. Compare, review, explore previous jobs - simply build trust instantly. Book right away, or request a custom offer.


Whether you're on the hunt for services, or freelancing - this is what you've been looking for!

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Lance freely! HJAELP is a decentralized, retail-first network of service providers, creators, and talent. Members can easily show, sell, and manage their skills — and get +100% of their earnings. Our open listing site lets anyone find great services, and people quickly and easily. HJAELP can take lower fees, create community ownership, offer cashback on hiring, and align incentives by being built on decentralized protocols including our native token, HJAELPCOIN.

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Hottest currency on the block

Why web3? Well, the purpose of a distributed network is to replace a traditional rent-seeking middleman with software, and then give that value back to both sides.

If you agree, you should join us!

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Contribute to Earn

Web3 is allowing our community to benefit from decentralized ownership, control, and governance. The community will be compensated for building the network, validating talent, resolving disputes, and much more.

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Provide your talent with HJAELP!

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Meet HJAELP, the decentralized marketplace that connects web3 with the real world.

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